• Style Icon: Nicole Duke

    Posted by Brett Lindstrom

    Published on January 29th, 2016 | by Zoe

    Style Icon: Nicole Duke

    Like many people, Nicole Duke sees clothing as an extension of personality—what separates Nicole from the rest is that she’s turned this idea into a personal ethos. Her clothing isn’t just a projection of her personality, it’s part of who she is. I’ve never encountered a woman more true to herself; it’s impossible not to feel inspired after...

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  • Gene Owns' The Store

    Posted by Brett Lindstrom

    You do what you gotta do:


    Minneapolis, a state traditionally known for it’s Northern European influences and traditionally a Red State by voting standards, Libertarian leaning centrists with some values added Lutheran influence sprinkled in for good measure. Don’t get me wrong, it is an endearing place, some journals have voted Minneapolis as the number one city for residing and being healthy. In fact the roots...

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  • Pleasant Surprises

    Posted by Brett Lindstrom


    The comments below were submitted to our website, left by an unannounced author, but illustrates how I believe what each experience is or should be for Lake's customers. 

    Like walking on glorious angel butts! Maybe it’s mercury poisoning from all the canned tuna fish I had to eat saving up to buy these beauties, but the moment I put them on I literally...

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  • Randonnee Southern California

    Posted by Brett Lindstrom

    Rapha Terasu GMR-02609

    Brett Lindstrom is back with another adventure in the mountains. These days Brett is best known as the public face of Lake Shoes here in the U.S., but he’d rather be found on isolated roads, like the ones featured in this trip—Padraig

    Malibu to San Diego–597 Miles–70,640 feet.


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